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There are many benefits to having your sewer line inspected with a camera and it is highly recommended before purchasing a home. It also allows the marking of underground lines above ground. Hydro-Jetting is environmentally friendly and uses only high-pressure water to completely unclog lines and remove buildup inside pipes. Call Bob's Now. (515) 262-9174.


Hydro Jetting

Hydro Jetting your sewer line is a great option if you want to clear up any clogs and ensure your sewer line is clean and operational. Hydro jetting shoots high pressure streams of water into the sewer line piping in order to clean out any of the debris which has built up over time. These high-pressure jetting streams remove stubborn debris from your sewer line, providing a clear sewer system and a reduced chance for future clogs or other pipe issues. Clogs can be caused by fats, oils, grease, or even tree roots. If you’re looking for an effective way to clean out your sewer line, hydro jetting with Bob’s is a great option.


Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning involves removing any clogs or build-up in a pipe so that wastewater can pass through easier. Drain cleaning typically involves employing mechanical augers and other tools to remove the obstruction. Our licensed technicians at Bob’s Septic have the experience and skills to Get. It. Done. Call Today.


Sewer Line Locating and Inspection

Sewer Line Camera Inspections utilize video technology to evaluate conditions and prevent problems in water, sanitary and storm sewer, and lateral pipelines. Our technicians scope your sewer line to locate clogs, structural defects & damages, and conduct lateral sewer line inspections. Assessments like these help unearth potential problems that could exist in your sewer line, often remedied by Sewer Line Repairs, Drain Cleaning, or Hydro Jetting services.

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